Alexander, Spy Catcher
An Alexander Scott Adventure   by Diane Stormer


Are you ready for a heart pounding adventure?

I'm Diane Stormer, author of Alexander, Spy Catcher.

If you like stories that have all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, then you will enjoy reading my latest book, Alexander, Spy Catcher.

It is early October, and a series of seemingly unrelated events draw Alex, and his younger brother Ben, into an exhilarating, and sometimes terrifying adventure.

Alex lives with his family in a large Victorian house located in a wooded area on the outskirts of town. After learning that their house very likely has a secret passageway connected to an underground tunnel, Alex, along with his brother,  and some of their friends, set about to discover it.

During this same time, Alex finds there is a clandestine Wi-Fi protected access network transmitting on his family's land.

Adding to the growing feeling of suspense, Alex surreptitiously observes his Uncle Charlie, a computer research scientist, in a late night meeting with the director of the CIA.

When the brothers become certain that their uncle is being spied upon, they agree to warn him about what they've discovered. But on the same night that they tell him about their findings, he disappears without a trace.

 Before they know it, Alex and Ben are embroiled in a frightening turn of events. Armed with a plan that they keep secret from the FBI agents encamped at their home, the boys take off on their bicycles to look for their uncle, only to find themselves in danger as well. Although they are determined to rescue Charlie, they don't realize the perils that lie ahead for them on their journey.